Good News

USA: A step in the rights direction

4 April 2014


Senate committee vote to declassify summary of CIA detention report – a welcome move, but much more needed 

Amnesty International welcomes Ireland's ratification of the Arms Trade Treaty Today

02 April 2014


Amnesty International has welcomed Ireland’s ratification of the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) today, the first anniversary of the ATT’s adoption by the UN General Assembly.

Tunisia: Quash conviction of released prisoner of conscience

10 March 2014

The release of Jabeur Mejri, a prisoner of conscience who spent two years in prison for publishing online articles and cartoons deemed offensive to Islam, is long overdue and must be followed by the authorities quashing his sentence and conviction, said Amnesty International. 

Russian prisoner of conscience freed as Write for Rights 2013 reaches 1.4 million actions!

Fantastic news came today as our global letter-writing campaign, Write for Rights, drew to a close: Vladimir Akimenkov, one of the Bolotnaya 3 prisoners of conscience, has been freed, writes Louisa Anderson, Global Campaigner at Amnesty’s International Secretariat.

Hamid Ghassemi-Shall released

5 December 2013

Canadian-Iranian national Hamid Ghassemi-Shall, who had been sentenced to death in Iran in 2008, was released on 23 September after spending over five years in prison.  He returned home to Toronto, Canada, on 10 October and was reunited with his wife.

Herman Wallace is FREE

4 October 2013

I’m writing the words I always hoped, but never thought, I would: Herman Wallace is a free man, writes Kim Manning-Cooper of Amnesty International UK.


Nigeria becomes first African nation to ratify Arms Trade Treaty

15 August 2013

Nigeria’s ratification of the landmark global Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) on Tuesday is a welcome move that should pave the way for more African nations to get behind the treaty. 


USA: Maryland joins global trend against the death penalty

2 May 2013

The US state of Maryland has joined the overwhelming global trend towards ending the death penalty, Amnesty International said today after Governor Martin O’Malley signed the abolition of capital punishment into law. 

World agrees first global Arms Trade Treaty

2 April 2013

Today, governments at the United Nations almost unanimously adopted an Arms Trade Treaty.


Your letter is all that's needed

6 February 2013

Christmas is usually a difficult time for Rosa Franco.